Location plan

The «Casa Sciaredo» is situated on a little hill slightly outside the town of Barbengo, in the immediate vicinity of the old St. Ambrosius church with its free-standing bell tower, built around 1900 in the Romanic style. The little village on the foothills of the Collina d’Oro, where Hermann Hesse once wrote the famous «Steppenwolf», is nowadays part of the commune of Lugano.

Barbengo can be reached by car as well as by public transport.

If you take public transportation, you will have a 15 minute walk up the hill.

Public transport

Train from Lugano to Paradiso (a 3-minute train ride). Walk down to the road. There is a Bus Station directly in front of the school building. Take the bus for an approximately 10 minute ride.  (For ex: Departure 10.15; arrival Barbengo Scuola: 10.25). Go 20 Meters backwards and turn to the left and pursue the zigzag-path up to Barbengo (about 15 minutes’ walk).

Alternative public transport route: Take the bus at Piazza Besso in Lugano (behind the railway-station) to Morcote and get off at Barbengo Posta (you will have to change the bus one time) or take the bus from Lugano (Piazza Besso) to Agra und walk down the hill to Barbengo.

By car

Look at the plan on the right (or follow your GPS). Important: Cars must be parked on the official parking of the cemetery or the public parking of the village. To drive up the hill to the “Casa Sciaredo” is not allowed. 


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 Nach:  Barbengo, Posta/scuole
 Datum:  23.06.11
 Zeit:  Abfahrt  Ankunft