The Atelierhouse Sciaredo in Barbengo/TI can be rented.


The «Casa Sciaredo» is an atelier residence.  That means that its first priority is its support of all visual artists, covering the whole spectrum of today’s forms of expression; from painting to object art and sculpture, photography, video, film, to design and architecture, as well as all crossover media (including text). We also consider artists working in other creative fields, such as literature or music, and even persons engaged in scientific research in a cultural context.

The foundation prefers tenants that plan a stay of several weeks (4 weeks minimum) or months.

If there are several applications for the same time, the decisive criterion is the artistic quality (judged on the basis of a dossier or a website). The decisions of the foundation are binding and will not be justified to the applicants.


The rent

The rent per week for house and change is CHF 248 plus additional costs (electrical, water, heating, gardener) of CHF 200, which results in weekly costs of CHF 448. This corresponds to a monthly rent of CHF 1792.--.
In addition to the rent costs are charged for internet/landline of CHF 78/month as well as costs for final cleaning (CHF 40 / hour + flat rate CHF 20 travel expenses) and final laundry (flat rate CHF 20 for washing the last set of bed, bathroom and kitchen linen). These costs are deducted from the deposit amount (see next section).
A deposit of CHF 750 to 1000 is charged before the stay (depending on the length of the stay). This will be refunded after the stay, minus the costs mentioned in the previous section. The agreement becomes binding with the lease. If the contract is withdrawn, the foundation retains 35% of the deposit. If the withdrawal takes place two weeks before the start of the rental, the foundation will retain the entire amount of the deposit, since the existence of the house depends on the rent.
The rental period is subject to the weekly cycle. The facility manager responsible for Casa Sciaredo will arrange for the tenants to move in and out. Check-in is on Saturday from 4:00 p.m., check-out on Saturday at 11:00 a.m. For an arrival at a time other than the contractually agreed time, we charge a flat rate of CHF 50, as the facility manager has to come back for key handover and introductory information.
Attention: The way to the house must NOT be driven by cars! There are parking spaces at the nearby cemetery.


Your letter of application

Your application includes a documentation (haptic or digital) of your work as well as a sketch of the thoughts about the planned stay in the Casa Sciaredo. Send these documents by email to or slow-mail to: Gabriele Clara Leist, President of the Foundation Council Fondazione Sciaredo, Hauptstrasse 39, 9053 Teufen. - To bridge absences, it makes sense to send a mail copy (cc) to Foundation Councilor Myrtha Steiner (

In the case of several applications for the same period, a decision will be made based on their artistic-creative relevance (basis: documentation, (if necessary) website, sketch of the idea for the stay). The decisions of the board of trustees are not contestable.



The occupancy situation can be seen in the calendar:

For general enquires you can also contact the board of the foundation: