Scott Woodward Meyers

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Scott Woodward Meyers (geb. 1959 in Seattle USA) lebt als freischaffender Künstler und Designer in Meilen/Zürich

Sowohl in seinen kombinierten Photo-Prints, seinen Objekten wie seinen Video-Arbeiten hat die naturnahe Umgebung der Casa Sciaredo deutliche Spuren hinterlassen.

Scott Woodward Meyers weilte im Winter 2001/2002 und im Winter 2008/2009 in der Casa Sciaredo. Nach Erinnerungen befragt, schreibt er:

«I remember the period in barbengo as one of quiet contemplation, the hidden setting, direct connection to nature and numerous artifacts of previous energies certainly added to the enigmatic quality of the stay. 

From the house one sees practically only natural surroundings, even today the hand of man is far away, leaving a timeless aura room to unfold. the view of the madonna d'ongero and carona is from most rooms an ubiquitous presence, changing hourly in the light and somehow evoking the spirit of hesse's long walks over the red hills. 

The winter woods offered respite from the long hours in the studio, the thick carpet of leaves the only conversation for days on end and often enough inspiration as well.»